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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Alive & Kicking Revenging Gem!

My Alive & Kicking Revenging Gem!

So my last Blog post got smiling reviews. A lot of laughter and comments of recognition...... BUT, yes there is a BUT.

I always have my husband edit most of the things I write. Not because I need his approval, well sometimes I do appreciate it, but because I have this little Dyslexic tick. My spelling and grammar is truly horrible. I will not bore you with explaining to you how long it takes me to get my thoughts on paper, or how my spelling check does not recognize much of what I am writing.

The thing is, I skipped one of the most important rules of blogging. I did not ask permission to the persons featured in my stories! Turns out, my darling Gem of a daughter did NOT like me telling about how she helped me start the big cleanup in my studio, which hopefully helps me get it redecorated!

So, what to do about that? Compromise, a very affective tool in parenting! I now have to share with all of you, the not so smart, and sometimes seriously stupid stunts I pulled.

So here is the top 3 of stupid things I did at some point in my life:

  • One my husband still talks about. He bought me this beautiful sky blue designer bag in Antwerp, with matching wallet. Loved it seriously. In it where my keys, a very nice graduation gift ink pen, my wedding ring, because I was very much pregnant and it didn't fit me anymore, and of course silly stuff like bank cards, car and house keys etc. I was at the local movie theatre, chatting away with a friend, and having a huge belly, sat down on a bench, put my lovely bag next to me, and then turned my back on it. I just could have put up a sign next to it saying, please take my bag, you need it more than I do! They got the message anyway, and of course I ended up with no bag.

  • This one I have to admit, I pulled several times. After picking up my children from school, and having a baby in a buggy, you are already happy, they finally are all in their seats, buckled up, save and sound, gang complete. You get in, drive off, and coming home to discover you left the buggy, that was behind the car, waiting to be put in the trunk, still waiting there.

  • And now, last but not least, for my daughters revenge, her personal favourite! I have to say, she is very sweet, because I think I did worse things, but here goes: When I worked as a paramedic, me, not so tall girl, had to get out of the back of the ambulance. Those were big steps to take, so I preferred jumping out of it instead. This one time I landed on a small ridge with my foot, ending up with a serious sprained ankle. I was more hurt than my patient, and it took me out of work for weeks, straight into physiotherapy. 

    Her Other Favourite!

I will save all the other stuff for another time, when I have to make it up to her again. And I am sure there will be another time!

Blog you next time,


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