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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Be yourself, be your style.: Purple with Despair!

Be yourself, be your style.: Purple with Despair!: Everybody who read my previous post, knows I truly need to declutter and re-decorate my studio. To be honest, the situation only gotten wo...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Purple with Despair!

Everybody who read my previous post, knows I truly need to declutter and re-decorate my studio.

To be honest, the situation only gotten worse. Being away for the summer didn't help, and getting back into the groove of serious working and putting in all the hours, well, not that easy.

But help came from a unexpected source!

My beautiful oldest daughter was so upset with her diner choices that night, that she banged her chair against my previous year, really nicely painted kitchen wall. She did that so thoroughly, that it resulted in the first step of redecorating my studio.

Everybody who lives in Canada, knows that most walls are not made of brick like in Holland, where we come from. For us it feel like paper. I can literally hang a frame on the wall using a nail and my thumb. No hammer needed.

So while I was starting to "explain" to my daughter that I didn't  appreciate any chair banging against my Curacao blue wall,  on the other side my wall made that same point by letting go of the shelve, that had been hanging there for at least 4 years, without any problems what so ever.

A loud bang and rumble was the result, and stopped both my daughter and me having a useless argument over Pad Thai.

Scattered over the already messy table and floor are now the items and shelve that was hanging no more.

I am proud to say, I didn't freak out. For me it was a sign, maybe given by my studio spirit, to stop playing and start already! And to make a parental point, I now have a little assistant to help me clean out the mess.

I decided, after having used many colours already to contrast with the snowy white I use on the walls, I wanted to go with lavender purple.

But here's the thing, do you know how many purple colours there are?

I will tell you. A lot! And the names, really, you want to use them all!

Grape Surprise. Vineyard Passage. Casa Royale. Fable. Boho Chic. Deep Lilac. Frill. Illusion. Plum Perfect Prune. Mardi Gras (my husbands favorite, wonder why). Royal Aberdeen. Lilac Light. Regal Robe.

Makes me wanna go on a holiday, drink wine, sit in the sun and smell the Lilac's!

To illustrate and make my point, this bracelet, made of Crazy Purple Agate comes in so many purple shades, it is indeed crazy!

Crazy Purple Agate And Sterling Silver Puff Heart Charm Stretch Bracelet  

I am now down to 35 test colours, sticky tagged on my white kitchen wall. Believe me, I think I had double of that on my wall this morning.

I will let you know what colour AND name will end up in my studio!

Purple Amethyst Sterling Silver LOVE Heart Charm Stretch Bracelet

See you next time,