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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good intentions.

Some times when I force myself to stand still, and look behind me, I wonder, how did I get here?

Right now, there are 5 children in my just cleaned house, “playing” with a lot of noise. I hear all these things, of which I know, do not make that sound, when used in the proper way, and on top of that they scream, “I am bored!”.

Just to be clear, 3 of those are mine, 2 I am “babysitting” because some moms work, and school is closed.

On the other hand, she doesn't need a car, and I need one. Because Ocho (my youngest daughter named him that) seized to exist, other than on the parking lot of the garage it got towed to, after it did the seizing in front of a stop sign. Which was not located on my driveway.

So when I stop and look back to wonder, how did it happen that all my good intentions, plans and schedules go out the window, and I maybe worked 8 hours this week?

If you have the answer or solution, please, by all means, tell me! And it has to include my children, because really, in the end, I can't do without them.

So what did I do this week?

Bought a cool new car, literally very cool, cause it has a "cool box" between the two front seats!

Great to keep the chocolate from melting, was my husbands remark, apparently he needs chocolate to be able to drive.

Take care of 5 kids after a 3 hour camp, take one off my own to swimming lessons, on the bike, remember, no car!

Cleaned a lot of my silver jewelry, that came back from a store, and now I have to store it all.

That can be a little problematic. 

You see why?

So when I mention to my husband, I really want to clean out my studio, paint it and make it the perfect inspirational place to work in, he gets a very tired look in his eyes. 

Not that I let him do the painting and decorating, absolutely not, he is not allowed to touch any brush or paint can!

And he does not mind that part at all, so maybe it is me?

Any way, I guess these pictures show I have a serious organising problem.

But maybe creative minds need the chaotic freedom to create? And then something like this comes out of that room?

Candy Pearl Necklace
 You let me know, and I will start painting.